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Quality Control

1. Purpose

Production process control is to determine the direct impact on the planning process and the quality of products and technical activities undertaken to control and continue to reduce environmental and occupational health and safety risks, to ensure that the production process in a controlled state.

2. Range

This program provides for the planning and control of production processes and special production process control process control requirements.

This procedure applies to daily operation and management control, and environmental and occupational health and safety of the production process each step.

3. Responsibility and authority

3.1 Manufacturing Technology department is responsible for production process control plan.
3.2 Manufacturing Department is responsible for production process control implementation and operation of environmental and occupational health and safety management.

4. Process Description

The production process and environment, safety control program flow chart (omitted)


5.1 Planning Process Control
5.1.1 Technical Quality Department is responsible for the preparation process, product standards, product design, process documents, work instructions and other documents, good planning process. Manufacturing department and relevant departments in accordance with the requirements of planning to do staffing, setting job checkpoints, process quality control point, the device is equipped with tooling to create the work environment.

5.2 Process control requirements
5.2.1 Manufacturing scheduling "contract review record" compiled SC-B18 "single production plan" based on the assessment by YX-B01, a clear production process used in the production process.
5.2.2 manufactured products all operational activities, should be in the process of documentation, quality control or quality system documents clearly described in the document, its quality requirements, should be clear and complete requirements in design and process documents.
5.2.3 production site using all technical documentation, quality system documentation should be complete, accurate, complete, clear, effective and all departments should
Press "documents, legal regulations and other requirements Control Procedures" document management requirements.
5.2.4 Staff should be strictly in accordance with standard drawings, technical documents meticulous work, the manufacturing department of personnel per day for process discipline inspection and fill
Write SC-B01 "IPQC Checklist."
5.2.5 Under the process documents, to be equipped in line with the site requirements and the technical equipment and other equipment, but before the new equipment, equipment repairs or reconstruction after put into use, equipment should be recognized, and to ensure consistent product quality.
5.2.6 good use of equipment, maintenance and repair work, ensure that the equipment, tooling and in good condition. Specifically Press "production equipment management regulations", "tooling regulations" execution.
5.2.7 work environment with a production site shall meet the requirements of process documents put forward to ensure that it is consistent with the requirements of product quality.
5.2.8 staff skills required to meet the technical requirements, press "after HR Control program" Training execution.
5.2.9 raw materials before production, shall be subject to inspection before they purchase inputs processing or assembly.
5.2.10 purchase, process and final inspection by "product quality measurement control program" implementation.
5.2.11 monitoring, measurement equipment shall be qualified and used in a test cycle period. Specifically Press "monitoring and measuring apparatus control program" implementation.
5.2.12 failure occurred during production and operation, according to "unconformity / nonconformance control procedures" and "corrective / preventive measures to control the program" implementation.


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Number: EMC20130328033E
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